Manufactured by
Safe Earthing Electrodes
Mfg. Co., India

Earthing is a prime requirement for protecting human life, physical damages to electrical & electronic equipments, machines etc. However, it is the most neglected aspect in our housing, Industrial and Commercial Electrical Infrastruture.

Since The time Electricity came to use, no serious efforts were made to produce permanent earthing equipments. At last , we have completed the job.

Safe Earthing Electrodes is final solution for effective, consistent and permanent earthing.

This unit is registered with SSI (Small Scale Industies), NSIC (National Small Scale Industries) & Member of Export Engineering Promotion council.



Festivex Exhibition - Rajkot
Participated in Festivex exhibition held at Rajkot (Gujarat) in December 2003.
Indian Trade Fair 2003
Participated in Indian Trade Fair 2003, held at Sri Lanka – Colombo
Electrica 2004
Participated in Electrica 2004 held at Rajah Muthiah Hall Egmore Chennai in the year 2003
Electrical Contractors Association for Tamilnadu
Participated in Electrical contractors Association for Tamilnadu Exhibition held at Kamraj Memorial Hall Chennai. 2001
Hotel Ashoka - Chennai
Displayed our products at the General body meeting of Madras Electrical Trades Association in 2002.
Seminar at Churchgate Railway Station, Mumbai 2003
Meeting held with P.W.D officials in Mumbai in 2002

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